Donald Trump grants a pardon to Conrad Black


US President Donald Trump has granted unconditional pardon to former media baron Conrad Black.

Mr. Black spent three and a half years in prison in the United States after being convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice.

In a statement, the White House says that the US Supreme Court has overturned many of the charges against him.

It also highlights the achievements of Conrad Black, who has already headed one of the world’s largest press empires.

Mr. Black is also the author of several historical works and biographies, including those of US Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Premier Maurice Duplessis of Quebec.

Last year, Conrad Black also published Donald Trump’s eulogy biography Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other .

The White House adds in its statement that prominent figures, including former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, have given him their support.

Aged 74, Conrad Black led a proprietary media group including the National Post , the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daily Telegraph in Britain, and the Jerusalem Post .

Born in Canada, he renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001 to gain access to the House of Lords in Britain.

In 2007, he was found guilty of conspiring to misappropriate millions of dollars from the Hollinger Group’s newspaper sales, of which he was CEO and Chairman of the Board.

The convictions for two of the three counts were quashed and his prison term was shortened.

Conrad Black has always claimed his innocence in this case. He returned to live in Canada in 2012.

With information from Associated Press and CBC

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