Instagram model insists she hasn’t pretended to be black


A young Swedish model and influencer was forced to explain herself on social networks after being accused of posing as a Black woman.

Emma Hallberg, 19, is followed by more than 200,000 people on Instagram. This week, many netizens said it was Black to attract more subscribers, reports the Daily Mail.

It seems that the young woman, who has tanned skin, full lips and long curly black hair, would use self-tanner and more tinted makeup to have darker skin.

Several netizens said that it was cultural appropriation and compared these practices to the “black face”, adds the British daily.

In the face of this controversy, the young woman shared an exchange she had just had with one of her subscribers who asked her if it was true that she was Blanche.

“Yes, I am white and I have never said anything else. I do not introduce myself as a person of color. I never tried to look black. I was born with curly hair and my skin is bronze easily, “she wrote.

But this explanation did not seem to appease critics who firmly believe that the young woman does everything to look black or mixed.

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