Other criminal charges threaten Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager


Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, charged with investigating the possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump team, is considering new charges against Paul Manafort. The former president’s campaign director is accused of lying despite a cooperation agreement.

“There could be additional charges, but we have not yet made a decision,” said lawyer Andrew Weissmann, one of Mueller’s strongmen in Washington, DC on Friday.

Paul Manafort could this time be charged with perjury or obstruction of justice.

Recognized as guilty in August of embezzlement that occurred before the 2016 election campaign, Paul Manafort, who was Donald Trump’s campaign manager for five months, signed an agreement with Robert Mueller’s team in September . He promised to cooperate with the investigators in exchange for a reduced sentence in connection with a second trial.

But on Monday, the special prosecutor accused him of breaking the deal by lying to the FBI. His lawyers assure him that he is in good faith.

At a hearing on Friday, the prosecution did not reveal the content of its supposed lies. She will have to submit the details of her grievances to the court on December 7, Justice Amy Jackson said.

Because of this rebound, the sentence of Paul Manafort will not be able to intervene for several weeks. The judge set her final decision on March 5, while warning that she should perhaps postpone her decision.

Donald Trump this week praised the “courage” of his former campaign manager and said he did not exclude to grant him a presidential pardon .

First accused of tax and bank fraud
Last August, Paul Manafort was convicted of tax and banking fraud. He then pleaded guilty in September to conspiring against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The man incurs 8 to 10 years of imprisonment for the charges for which he was convicted.

These relate to the huge sums he has earned for his work as a political consultant to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, including former President Viktor Yanukovych, whom he advised during his successful election campaign in 2010.

Manafort reportedly concealed more than $ 16 million from the tax authorities and fraudulently obtained 20 million bank loans.

In addition, the US conspiracy charge for which he himself has been convicted includes money laundering offenses, tax evasion, failure to register a bank account abroad and failure to register lobbyist status for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

That of conspiracy to obstruct justice is associated with that of witness tampering.

Michael Cohen pleads guilty in turn
The twists accumulate in the file of the links that unite Donald Trump and Russia.

On Thursday, former president’s attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in a New York court to having lied to Congressional committees in 2017 over plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Mr. Cohen acknowledged that the negotiations he helped to lead with Russia on behalf of Donald Trump to complete a real estate transaction continued until June 2016, when his client was campaigning to become president of the United States. United.

He said the talks ended before the start of the caucuses and primary elections for the Republican nomination in January 2016.

In August, Michael Cohen had already pleaded guilty to eight counts. In particular, he admitted to violating campaign finance laws by paying money, in exchange for their silence, to two women claiming to have had an affair with the US president.

He then claimed to have acted “at the request of the candidate” and “with the intention of influencing the 2016 presidential election.”

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