Sales of Compound Horse Feedstuff Market to Soar Through Key End-use Industries During the Forecast Period


There is an increased demand on the horse nutrition & health in the past decade due to growing need on various supplements that fits best for the horses than a regular pasture & hay. The Compound horse feedstuff is one such variety feed that is highly nutritious for horses as Compound horse feedstuff contains a mixture of grains such as barley, corn, distiller’s grain, forage, minerals, sorghum, wheat along with an adequate supply of vitamins & minerals.

The Compound horse feedstuff has taken precedence over straight feedstuff as it helps in maintaining consistent quality of nutrients that promote flexibility to horses. The compound horse feedstuff is predominantly produced & processed in the Asia Pacific especially in China, in order to meet the growing demand for horse nutrition. Compound horse nutrition is also produced in high quantities in European countries such as United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands etc. followed by North America where the business is found to be more profitable. Compound horse feedstuff is found to be more beneficial for the horses that are used for competitive races as it provides high energy & required amount of fat.

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Compound horse feedstuff is also used for feeding horses that turns into meat, as horse meat is found to be an alternative meat supplement to meet the growing global demands of meat industries. As a meat, it is being utilized in many food processing industries of Asia & Europe. It can be inferred that there is a huge growing demand for Compound horse feedstuff which is anticipated to fuel the global Compound horse feedstuff market.

Growing Demand for Horse Nutrition is Driving Market for Compound Horse feedstuff:-

Compound horse feedstuff has a global demand among all horse owners as it satisfies the variant requirements of horse nutrition & can be made available in various composition accordingly. A proper diet of Compound horse feedstuff not only promotes increased muscle growth, keeps horse hydrated, increased stamina but also prevents the muscular disorder such as laminitis & azoturia. Since the Compound horse feedstuff includes the variety of cereals, pulses & vitamins, it can be traded at quite costlier rates than straight feeds which promote high returns. The Compound horse feedstuff is found to be easy to feed by horsemen, as it comes with nutritional information prior to marketing. Though Compound horse feedstuff is the combination of grains & cereals, the processing of compound horse feedstuff is rather simple as it involves few grinding types of machinery which ensure the reduced labor cost. The market for Compound horse feedstuff is expanding over the countries as demand for variant Compound horse feedstuff is growing every year which drives the global Compound horse feedstuff market.

On the basis of form, the global Compound horse feedstuff market has been segmented as-

  • Pellets
  • Cubes
  • Powder

On the basis of nutrition type, the global Compound horse feedstuff market has been segmented as-

  • High fiber
  • Low Starch
  • High protein
  • High fats

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Global Compound cattle feedstuff: key players

The major key players of the Compound horse feedstuff includes Bailey’s horse feeds, Big V Feeds, Allen & Page, Triple Crown Horse Feeds, Nutrena Animal Feeds, Spillers Horse Feeds, Target Feeds Ltd, Horse Tech Inc, Farmvet, Omega Fields. More investors have put forward over Compound horse feedstuff globally as it is commercializing.

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