Water and Wastewater Pipes Market 10-year Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report 2017 – 2025


The global water and wastewater pipes market presents several lucrative opportunities to both seasoned players as well as new market entrants. To provide highlights on these opportunities as well as to study the various facets of this market, XploreMR recently undertook an extensive study of the global water and wastewater pipes market and presented the findings in a new report titled “Water and Wastewater Pipes Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012 – 2016) and Forecast (2017 – 2025).” In this report, we have focused on the detailed market segmentation and historical as well as current and projected market forecast of the global water and wastewater pipes market, to present our readers with in-depth market information and useful insights.

A detailed segmentation of the market for comprehensive market analysis

To facilitate ease of studying the global water and wastewater pipes market, we have segmented it as under:

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By Material Type Concrete Steel Ductile Iron Clay Plastic PVC cPVC HDPE PP Others (LDPE, ABS, Fiberglass)

By End Use Municipal Industrial Agricultural

By Application Water Supply & Distribution Wastewater Management

By Pipe Size Below 12 inch 12-24 inch 24-48 inch Above 48 inch

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By Region North America Latin America Europe Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa

A tried and tested research methodology to facilitate accurate market forecasts

In computing the global and regional volume projections and revenue estimations of the water and wastewater pipes market, we have deployed a systematic and multi-pronged research approach that extensively leverages primary and secondary research to arrive at the key data points pertaining to the global water and wastewater pipes market. In-depth secondary research is used to arrive at the overall market size, top industry players, top products, industry associations, etc. A list of industry players (manufacturers), distributors, retailers, and industry experts is developed along with a comprehensive discussion guide for detailed and exhaustive primary interviews. Data thus obtained is validated using the triangulation method, where primary and secondary research along with XploreMR analysis contribute to the final data. This data is then scrutinized using advanced tools to glean pertinent insights into the global water and wastewater pipes market.

A cohesive report structure for ease of navigation and quicker access to important information

Our report on the global water and wastewater pipes market follows a simplified approach that enables our readers to gather the necessary information pertaining to the market through easy-to-navigate sections. The first few sections comprise the executive summary, market introduction, and market viewpoint. The next section presents the global water and wastewater pipes market historical analysis (for 2012 – 2016) and forecast (for 2017 – 2025). Here, we talk about the market size and Y-o-Y growth, absolute $ opportunity, global supply-demand scenario, product-cost structure analysis, and the global water and wastewater pipes market value chain. The relevance and impact of forecast factors concludes this section. The following sections comprise a detailed forecast of the global water and wastewater pipes market across the various assessed regions and for the different market segments. These sections include key findings, historical and current market size and volume projections, key market trends and developments, and market attractiveness analysis. In the regional sections, key regulations, regional pricing analysis, and regional market dynamics (drivers, restraints, and trends) are presented.

A most important section of the report features the competitive landscape of the global water and wastewater pipes market. Here we have focused on the market structure, competition intensity mapping by market taxonomy, and a detailed competition dashboard. We have also profiled some of the leading companies operating in the global water and wastewater pipes market and provided important details such as business overview, key financials, growth strategies, and recent market developments. This section is intended to help our readers understand the key player ecosystem prevalent in the global water and wastewater pipes market along with useful information on the strategies adopted by the top market players to stay ahead of competition.

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