Diamond Powder Market Promising Growth Opportunities over 2019 – 2029

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Diamond Powder Market: Introduction

Diamonds are fragmented to fine particle size of 10-100nm and are referred to as diamond powder or diamond dust. Diamond powder are also known as polishing powder or lapping powder. There are different types of diamond powder, such as natural, synthetic, detonation, Monocrystalline and others. These are fine sized synthetic diamond powders which are mainly used for grinding metals, polishing, cutting and lapping tool. Diamonds used as jewelry are selected on the basis of color and cut whereas the diamond powder which are used for industrial purposes are valued on the basis of their strength, resistibility towards heat & corrosion and thermal conductivity.

The diamond powder is also used for acquiring a high surface finish and precision. Other Industrial application of diamond powder include diamond dressing tools, diamond powder is used for polishing precious stones such as diamond, emerald and zircon and diamond powder are used for very specific machinery for surface quality and dimensional accuracy. Synthesized diamond powder such as ‘polycrystalline micron diamond powder’ is widely used in the field of high technology such as electronics, aerospace. It is used to make semiconductor wafers, laser crystals, and HDD components, optical and electro-optical crystals among others.

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Diamond Powder Market: Dynamics

The growth in the industrial techniques and nano-technology have led to increase in the demand for precision tool and accurate machinery. Metal and diamond powder are used extensively in fabrication industries for making tools, precision machinery, and other important aspects. Increasing demands for polishing and lapping hard metals, dressing tools and abrasives in the fabrication sectors and mechanical engineering manufacturers is expected to drive the diamond powder market.

Increasing production capacities coupled with technological advancements in electronic industry have translated to rising demand for the raw materials such as diamond powder, semiconductors, diodes and wafer, among others. Diamond powder market will be driven by sub fields such as imaging, diagnostics and therapeutic agents in bio-medicine, diamond powders are also used as single-spin sensors in nanogeometry moreover, extensive research and development techniques are performed with diamond powder which is estimated to drive the diamond powder market over the forecast period.

Diamond powder used for coating tools to make tool life longer. However the increase in thickness causes cutting performance deficit, such as decrease in transverse rupture strength of the diamond-coated substrates. With increasing technological advancements at a rapid pace, the current technology of diamond powder coating is likely to be easily replaced.

Diamond Powder Market: Segmentation

The global diamond powder market has been segmented by: Product Type

  • 10-30nm
  • 30-50nm
  • 50-100nm
  • Others

The global diamond powder market has been segmented by: Application

  • Precision Machinery
  • Abrasives
  • Cutting Tools
  • Coating

The global diamond powder market has been segmented by: Synthesis/Process

  • Synthetic
  • Natural
  • Crystalline
    • Poly
    • Mono

Diamond Powder Market: Regional Outlook

The global industrialization of has led to increase in the original equipment manufacturers, regions like Asia-Pacific have seen an immense growth in terms of manufacturing. Global demand of machinery due to industrialization started in previously industrializes countries such as Germany, U.K. and U.S. which have been active in supplying capital equipment and machinery to developing economies such as Asia, China, Brazil and Russia is expected to witness an increase in diamond powder market. Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe are expected to be dominant in the diamond powder market over the forecast years with the increase in machinery production in these regions.

Countries such as U.S, Belgium, Israel and Germany have an import base diamond powder market, with increasing demand from the Asia-Pacific regions is expected to see a rise in diamond powder market on the other hand U.S. , China, Ireland, South Korea and Hong Kong have an export base diamond powder market. Africa have a dominance in diamond reserves in countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Angola holds to be a potential market for diamond powder. As compared to others Latin America and middle-east can be expected to be mediocre market region due to the presence of developing and underdeveloped economies.

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Diamond Powder Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the key participants in the global diamond powder market are:

Microdiamant, Engis Corporation, Applied Diamond Inc., Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, Soham Industrial Diamonds, KKR Hyperion, Inreal Ltd. among others.

The report covers exhaustive analysis on,

  • Diamond powder Market Segments
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  • Current Trends/Issues/Challenges in Diamond powder market
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  • Technology used in Diamond powder Market
  • Value Chain of Diamond powder Market

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